About us

At Stories for Shiv, we create memorable picture books for children. We translate the great yet complex Hindu epics into accessible and educational stories, with simple storylines and enchanting imagery.

Our objective is to address the current scarcity of appropriate children’s Hindu literature. For every book sold, we donate one book to a child less fortunate via the South African Hindu Maha Sabha.

Join us on our journey into the enthralling world of Hindu literature, and let’s create stories that will last forever.



  • Made in India - Umhlanga
  • Manilal Ratanjee - Chatsworth 
  • Rajputs Pizza Shop - Reservoir Hills
  • Stableride Spring Centre - Coventry Place, Umgeni


  • Pick up at Sandton. Whatsapp : 082 778 5797 for details.
  • Govindas Goshala - Brits 
  • Lotus Pooja Shop - Randburg